They have a great selection including doors, mouldings, garage packages, decks, fences, laminate and vinyl flooring. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.
- Lyle L.

Pretty good deals on doors
- James C.

Good service and prices
- Robert N.

This place is great, selection isn't huge but the prices are awesome. Watch for sales and it won't be beat.
- Troy T.

Great prices and amazing staff
- Michael B.

This is the place for doors and floors and trim. I have no idea how they can beat the big box stores on price, but they do! Their service is also top notch.
- Brett Q.

Great service and good variety of merchandise.
- Duane P.

Helpful staff and reasonable prices. We ordered all new windows for our house, which went without a hitch. The custom front doors are very nice and very quick to build. Thanks!!
- Canada Steve

Great customer service! Great prices! Bought some doors today and I will for sure be going's family owned which is unheard of now
- Joel M.

Awesome experience, the warehouse workers were exceptionally friendly and helpful
- Christian L.

Came in here for the first time looking for interior doors and trim. The doors are well made and installed well. I had to wait a while at the warehouse, but staff were friendly and worked fast. I would for sure come here again over big box stores.
- Aquatic Logic

The prices for doors here are great. Good indoor building materials some tools
- Tim C.

Great place for trim doors and wood flooring. Much better than a big box store.
- Brian V.

Good prices and friendly, knowledgable staff...
- Dustn N.

Great place to buy bulk moulding.
- Brian W.

Good prices. Open a contractor account for a further discount. One drawback is you pay at the order desk then have to pull around to the warehouse to get loaded. The warehouse guys are always working hard, but, behind so there's an extra 20-30 minutes involved.
- John B.

Good alternative to Home Depot or Lowes for flooring products. Windows and doors that they mill themselves also kitchen cabinets and vanities made of wood rather than MDF.
Actually kudos quite impressive.
Reasonable prices and friendly knowledgeable staff
Highly underrated
- K. Mundell

They are willing to match prices with other big box stores or offer similar at better price.
Lots of deals.
Always quick service.
- Thomas H.

Although products are limited but good and cheaper than other hardware store. Staff is friendly. Variety is available.
- Waqar A.

Great hardware store at discount prices.
Very friendly staff with lots of knowledge.
- Mr. D

Everyone is super helpful but you still need to make a few trips to the hardware store you get everything you need for your home improvement projects.
- Anna-Maria V.

Love this place... I can hardly wait to see who won the Kitchen Cabinets!!!
- Cheryl H.

I've gone here more than a few times for renovation materials and always been a big fan. Prices can't be beat and I lost the air compressor I bought here.
- Kehv C.

Got my hardwood at an incredible price. Quality was excellent. Also bought slab doors at a great price I was worried about installing the hinges and knobs, The staff was very helpful had the door sized, and hinges in the right place. I'll deal with them again you can count on it.
- Google User

Love these guys and I love this place. We have been ordering material from these guys for about 3 years now. A+ in my Books.
- Adam F.

Manager knowledgeable about products and willing to offer assistance. Prices are competitive with some great deals.
- Kerry O.

Purchased flooring and doors from this company. All the staff have been extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. Even gave me a great price! All these other complainers must be bad customers themselves. I know plenty of colleagues and friends who shop here and love it too. Keep up the good work!
- Glenda S.

Have materials hard to find at many building centers.
- Anthony G.

Used them for a back door and all interior door installs a couple years ago. Great job and always showed up for measurements and installs at stated times. Very professional. Couple months ago used them for a front door, including install after a break and enter. Booked a lot sooner then anyone else and an amazing job for a lot less then expected. When I needed a copy of receipts emailed to me after misplacing them, 2 minutes on the phone and it was done. Just amazing service and a Canadian company! Will be back.
- Jennifer P.

What a breath of fresh air. This family owned business has hardwood, doors, cabinets flooring, casing and trims, locksets etc. I was elated to get waited on immediately and had my order together in under 5 minutes. They had a good selection of everything. When I drove around to the loading dock, the door opened as I approached and I was loaded up right away. Everyone was knowledgeable, courteous and get this... Happy! I hope they never sell out to the big box stores. There are very few hardware stores that offer this kind of service any more.
- Mike L.

My house has a lightning issue. I don't mean there is an issure with the fixtures. I mean, that even when it is sunny and all the curtains are open, it is not a bright, sunny place.
Especially in my developed basement. It has many windows, but there is just not enough light in the common areas, until all the lights are on.
In an effort to brighten the place up a bit, I was referred to the Home Improvement Warehouse Ltd. What a cool, COOL place! the service that was recommended to me, was to bring some of my doors in (not a bathroom door of course!!) and to cut out the middles and put in frosted glass, so that the light from my windows can be enjoyed from my office and a few other key places.
The short story, is I did not even know a service like this existed! Like a fool, I would have bought a new door!
So I had some help uninstalling my doors and bringing them in, and now at a reasonable rate, Home Improvement Warehouse will leave a wood border, and fill in the rest with a frosted glass, so that the light may shine!
This isn't all these folks do! I bought some primer at $40 a gallon elsewhere, and found the same primer there at $26.99 (doh!).
They have all kinds of gadgets and gismos for home improvements and renovations. I saw supplies and layouts for all kinds of bathroom and kitchen renos as well.
Definitely if you are taking on a home improvement project in Calgary, pop in here and see what they have. The prices and selections at this warehouse of handiness look pretty good to me!
- Carrie P.

This is a great store with a huge selection of home improvement products at great price. I purchased almost everything for my project from here. I found the staff to be very helpful and the products are a lot cheaper than the big stores like HD, Rona, etc.
- Google User

Thanks to Alycia and staff for a great customer experience - terrific customer service and great pricing on a new floor. Happy to purchase there again in the future.
- Brian V.

Fri Oct 16 - Peter at the front who got my order correct the first time and understood exactly what I was looking for. He was professional and efficient. Guy helping load the truck was ambitious to assist and did a great job. I've been to 5 other stores today and this was the only place that has exactly what I needed and was the best customer service. If there are bad reviews, I'm guessing they're bad customers. Best of luck to all contractors and home owners.
- John