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The Home Improvement Warehouse makes it easy to add a new garage to your home whether you choose from one of our over 30 pre-planned material packages or have us customize a size or design to suit your needs. Our expert advice and quality service will ensure you get the garage you want the way you want it.

Our garage packages are designed to make your life easier by providing you with everything you need to complete the job - right down to the hardware.

Our Garage Packages Are Loaded With Features

Garage Render

Premium Quality Kiln Dried Spruce Framing
The lumber supplied with each package is top quality dry spruce. Precut 2”x4” - 92-5/8” Studs at 16” on centre with a double top plate and a single pressure treated bottom plate.

OSB Exterior Wall and Roof Sheathing
Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is an engineered exterior structural panel featuring a smooth workable surface without patches, splits or knots widely used by builders and contractors. 3/8” thickness supplied for the walls and 7/16” thickness supplied for the roof.

Prebuilt Engineered Wall and Roof Trusses
Roof trusses are engineered gable roof trusses with a 4/12 pitch and 16” overhang to be placed at 24” on centre.

Beams and Lintels
Engineered 3-1/2” X 9-1/2” Timberstrand Beams supplied for garage door header. Premium quality dry spruce 2”x8” supplied for lintels over windows and entry door.

Roofing Material
Each garage package comes complete with IKO Cambridge Architectural Laminate Shingles with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Also standard in our packages we include IKO Stormshield Ice and Water Protector to cover the entire roof for maximum protection, matching ridge cap and roof vents.

Overhead Door
Our packages include a Steelcraft T-12 Steel Insulated overhead door. A 9’x7’ is standard in single garages and a 16’x7’ is included with each double car garage. Triple car garages packages include 1-9’x7’ and 1-16’x7’.

Door and Window
Our standard Entry door is a 36” wide Pre-Hung Insulated Fibreglass 6-Panel Door with your choice of left or right hinge swing. Included with each garage package is one 48”x30” PlyGem “Vista” Sliding window.

Soffit and Fascia
Prefinished aluminum soffit and fascia along with all required accessories are supplied as a standard feature on each garage package.

Air Barrier
Included standard in each garage package we supply Permaguard House Wrap to protect against air and moisture.

Also included with each garage is a complete accessory kit containing all the proper nails and hardware required.

Do-It-Yourself Instruction Booklet
We’ll also give you a complete, illustrated, step by step construction guide with easy to follow instructions from start to finish.

Shop and Compare The Quality And Features Before You Buy .......... You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Customize and finish your garage with these popular options

Exterior Siding
Prefinished Vinyl siding packages are available in a wide range of colours to match your home. We also offer prefinished engineered wood as well as prefinished cement sidings to complement any design.
Additional or Specialty Windows
If you require additional windows, larger windows or specialty windows they are available. Simply inquire about the window style you are interested in and one of our experts will get you the windows you need.
Insulation/Garage Liner
To properly finish your garage a complete line of fibreglass insulation vapor barrier is available. Also drywall and various other panels are available to finish the interior walls.
Garage Door Opener
An automatic opener is the most convenient, time saving addition you could make to your garage.
Heavy Duty Wall
Choose a 2”x6’ wall option for added rigidity and insulation capability.
Wall Height
Increase interior clearance by choosing a 9 or 10 foot wall height.
Overhead Garage Door
Even though our package includes a top quality steel overhead door you may require additional features like decorative glass inserts or varied panel designs. Different sizes can also beordered if you have specific needs due to space limitations or vehicle size. Dependable brand name doors are available to fill any need and can be substituted into your package at a reasonable price.
Side Facing Door
You can choose to have your overhead door in the side or slope side of your garage instead of the gable end.


Garage package delivery is free in the city and to selected nearby towns.
Low flat rates available to other destinations. Just ask one of our experts.

    Build with confidence with our garage packages!
  • All-inclusive Packages with no surprises and no missing components
  • Complete package reduces on-site delays and minimizes errors
  • Top Quality Materials
  • Over 30 Pre-Planned sizes
  • Packages are fully customizable to suit your needs
  • Accurate delivery scheduling - On Time every time
  • Choose from a host of options
  • Benefit from the support of our Package Experts

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