Deck Package



  • 2”x8” Brown Pressure Treated Joists 16” on centre
  • 2 ply 2”x8” Brown Pressure Treated Beam
  • 4”x4” Brown Pressure Treated Posts
  • 2”x8” Brown Pressure Treated Ledger and Fascia
  • 5/4”x5” Select Tight Knot Radius Edge Cedar Decking
  • Brown Ceramic Coated Deck Screws
  • Joist Hangers and Fasteners for framing


  • Beautiful Natural Wood Look
  • Rich warm aesthetic quality offering a range of natural hues
  • Naturally resistant to rot and decay
  • Resists moisture absorption so it lasts longer
  • Pitch and Resin free making it better for accepting and holding stains
  • Dimensionally stable meaning it lays flat and stays straight