Para Superlux - Flat

Para Superlux - Eggshell

Para Superlux - Semi-Gloss

Para Superlux - Ceiling

Para Ultra - Eggshell

Para Ultra - Semi-Gloss

Para Ultra - Ceiling

Para Ultra - Melamine

Para Ultra - Kitchen & Bath

Para Samples of Style - Pastel

Paints are available in all colors, found at the Para website.

Boomerang Recycled Paint

Boomerang paint is a quality product benefiting from 20 years of paint-recycling know-how, the cans are made from 100% recycled materials and 100% recyclable plastic. Boomerang paints emit four times less greenhouse gas during fabrication than regular paints.

Boomerang - Moonlight

Boomerang - Cotton

Boomerang - Everlasting

Boomerang - Pearly Grey

Boomerang - Almond Paste

Boomerang - Castle in the Clouds

Boomerang - Extra Greige

Boomerang - Swallow

Boomerang - Sunshine

Boomerang - Canvas

Boomerang - Modernity

Boomerang - Harvest

Boomerang - Caffe Latte

Boomerang - Thunder

Paints are available in all colors, found at the Boomerang website.